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Volunteering for BSides Cheltenham 2024

It is that time again, we are getting closer and closer to BSides Cheltenham 2024 and that means we are looking for volunteers to help us make it all possible.

Volunteers other wise known as goons, are the backbone of any BSides event, from running the check in desk to recording the talks volunteers do it all and this year we need more than ever as we invite more and more attendees as well as the addition of a third track.

This year is even more exciting as we welcome need Head of Volunteers – Dom. Originally a video editor working in advertising, Dom found love for cyber security after picking it up as a hobby and decided to pursue it as a full-time career. Now, he is a cyber security consultant at JUMPSEC, with just over four years of experience in the cyber security industry, and co-runs the Cheltenham 2600 meeting. He has been attending BSides for many years, so was eager to seize the opportunity to finally volunteer and contribute to one of his favourite events.

We are really excited to have a dedicated head of volunteers for the first time ever and the added layer of organization this will bring. When we asked him why he got involved, other than the founder bullying him a bit, he said, “I wanted to help at BSides to contribute to the amazingly supportive community that has helped myself and many others in cyber.”

We think that is a pretty perfect reason to get involved and now we need you! Our call for volunteers is currently open – you can sign up here. What do you get for being a volunteer, other than a free ticket and knowing you are supporting a great event?

  • Special TShirt

  • Extra Shiny Sticker

  • If you volunteer for Friday a pizza lunch

  • Saturday volunteers get breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Knowing you are an absolutely awesome human being (or robot we don’t judge).

Overall it is a great way to spend your day. We have different shifts (so you only have to do half a day), and you can do so many things, from running check-in or manning the reception desk to being a speaker liaison and ensuring the tracks run on time. If you have any questions send us a message or an email.

See you soon!

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