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And that's a wrap...

Wow, what a weekend! It is with a great sense of satisfaction that we bid farewell to yet another extraordinary edition of BSides Cheltenham. This year's conference was definitely one to be at which brought together brilliant minds and ignited a collective passion for cybersecurity (and even help inspire the next generation). As we take a moment to reflect on the tremendous experiences shared, we extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who attended and made BSides Cheltenham 2023 an unforgettable event.

A Community United:

Despite train strikes, this year was a testament to the dedication of our vibrant cybersecurity community. We witnessed 300 professionals, students, enthusiasts, and experts from diverse backgrounds come together for a day of discussion, networking and learning.

Enriching Talks and Workshops:

Our conference agenda was jam-packed this year with enriching talks led by industry experts and thought leaders. A huge thank you to Dr David Abrutat for his phenomenal keynote which started the day off on the perfect note. From emerging trends, new tools and the people side of tech, attendees were treated to an array of information from some of the best and brightest in the industry. Thank you again to our speakers who made the day possible and the speaker selection committee who picked an incredible lineup. If you missed Saturday, most of the talks can be found on the BSides Cheltenham YouTube.

Networking Opportunities:

BSides Cheltenham provided a platform for attendees to forge new connections and strengthen existing ones. We hope that the connections made at our conference will continue to flourish, spurring ongoing collaboration and mutual support within the cybersecurity ecosystem. We will be looking to see how we can create more opportunities for networking next year.

For our Sponsors and Volunteers:

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our sponsors whose support made BSides Cheltenham 2023 a reality. Their commitment to promoting cybersecurity education and fostering a thriving community is truly commendable and without them, this event would not be possible.

We would also like to thank our volunteers, who made sure that everything from talk timings to check-in went smoothly and truly made the day enjoyable for everyone. If you would like to get involved next year make sure to follow our social media channels and website for announcements. We are also looking for two more committee members, if you are interested in helping behind the scenes please drop Illyana a message via email or social media.

And to the Attendees…

Last but certainly not least, we extend our sincerest appreciation to each attendee who attended this year. This event really is for the community, and we wouldn’t be able to do this if you didn’t keep turning up. We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your day, and we would love to get your feedback on how we can make next year even better. If you have 5 minutes please consider filling out our feedback form which can be found at

BSides Cheltenham 2023 has been an unforgettable chapter in our journey and are thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring together such an incredibly passionate group of individuals.). Once again, thank you for your participation, and we look forward to welcoming you back to BSides Cheltenham 2024. We will be announcing our next date shortly along with our theme for next year (which we are incredibly excited about).

Stay secure, stay vigilant, and keep pushing the boundaries!

The BSides Cheltenham 2023 Team

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