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2024 Sponsorship 

BSides Cheltenham is not possible without our sponsors. We would like to thank the companies who have made this year's event possible.



Microsoft is one of the leading technology companies globally, renowned for its software products, services, and hardware solutions. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, Microsoft's influence spans across various sectors, including personal computing, cloud computing, gaming, and enterprise software. Its flagship products such as Windows operating system, Office productivity suite, Azure cloud platform, and Xbox gaming console have shaped the digital landscape for decades. Microsoft's commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous development of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and quantum computing, aimed at empowering individuals and organizations to achieve more.



Optimising IT are an cyber focussed, managed service provider who have been offering outsourced and co-sourced IT services since 2013. As a certified B-Corp, Optimising IT challenges the traditional way IT services are delivered.

Better IT can transform your business and make it unstoppable. We take the pain away from managing IT systems so you can focus on your business ambitions while we take care of the rest. It’s perfect for businesses who need fully managed IT services or co-sourced support is available for in-house IT teams that need extra help!

Optimising IT offers the best value managed IT services on the market. From fully outsourced IT services to single-service packages like helpdesk support or software procurement, our experts have what you need.

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Punk Security are a DevSecOps and Cloud Security consultancy uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between development and security. Their consultants have diverse backgrounds but typically start their careers in development or operations, before transitioning to security. This unique perspective and understanding allows them to layer security into processes without impeding workflow, promoting smooth productivity.  They promote DevSecOps in conferences across the UK and overseas and have built several popular open-source tools

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FractalScan Surface is an Attack Surface Management solution, built and supported by ex UK governments cyber security experts from Red Maple Technologies in Cheltenham.

It simplifies the process of discovering your internet connected assets with market leading enumeration capabilities. Discovered assets are checked for vulnerabilities using a clear and concise scoring system to help you understand the issues present, and which ones you should prioritise.

Unlike traditional manual methods of asset discovery, the process is completed in minutes rather than days.

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Immersive Labs powers the real-time measurement of human cyber capabilities across technical and non-technical teams—any role within the organization, including cyber teams, developers, engineers and executives — all in one platform. We call this Cyber Workforce Resilience.

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Ladies of Cheltenham Hacking Society

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KSEC was established in 2017 as a specialized security company providing mission-critical pen-testing tools and biohacking services. Over the years, KSEC has grown to become a leading provider of cutting-edge security solutions, serving a diverse range of clients in the government, military, and law enforcement sectors. With a focus on innovation and excellence, we have consistently invested in the development of new technologies and techniques to stay ahead of the ever-evolving security landscape.

Today, KSEC is recognized as a trusted advisor and partner in the industry. Known for our expertise and commitment to delivering the highest level of service to our clients and community.

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