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The countdown begins..

It has been anther manic month and I can't believe that we are just over a month until the event. It seems like it has flown by so fast from February until now. These posts will be getting a lot more active (I feel like I always say this) as we get closer to the event to make sure you guys have the most information.

Our location:

This has actually been up on the website since our first batch of tickets launched, but figured I would give it the spotlight it deserves. We will be hosting our first event at Jurys Inn Cheltenham.

For more information and direction please check out their website here. We will provide a some more information on near by lodgings, food and transit shortly.

They will be providing coffee and tea on check in which will start at 8:30,and lunch during they day. We will have vegetarian options, however please let us know if you have any food requirement when you fill out your ticket form. An entire schedule will be released next week when the speakers and talks are announced which leads us nicely onto...

Speaker update:

Thank you so much for such an amazing turnout for our call for speakers. We had 42 responses for 1,485 minutes worth of talks. This has been absolutely spectacular. To help us decide on our final line up we have asked a range of professionals to sit on a panel and help us make our selection. This will be done through a blind processes, meaning the panel will only see the length, track, title, summary and talk explanation. This helps us ensure that there is something for everyone and that the talks picked are based on interest and nothing else, such as sponsorship.

We need you... again:

This event is for the community by the community. This means on the day that we need your help to make it possible. From helping with check in to helping record the sessions, we will have something for everyone to do. The perks of volunteering:

  1. Entrance to the event.

  2. One of our luxurious swag bags

  3. A fancy schmancy staff t-shirt

  4. Our eternal thanks and recognition of your help on the website and program.

If you'd like to help out please head over and complete our google form. We will then be in contact with you to help sort schedule.

Sponsors Update:

Our sponsorship opportunities for the event are now closed. I have been absolutely blown away by the support from the community and I am looking forward to announcing the companies who are making this all possible, just waiting for the last of some marketing material to make some formal announcements, but you can always get a sneak peak by heading over to our sponsor page.

Final Thoughts:

Our final tickets will go on sale Friday, June 10th at 1pm. Our pre-release tickets went very quickly so expecting these to do the same so don't miss out. Also keep an eye out on Twitter and LinkedIn for more announcements in the mean time.

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