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Pre-Release Tickets and more...

Pre-Release Tickets

We are kicking this week off with the most exciting news, our pre-release tickets will be going live this Thursday at 1pm (BST). We will be releasing a small portion of our tickets one month early with the rest releasing on June the 10th after the speakers have been announced.

Up-coming announcements:

  • Wednesday we will be announcing our location, as well as some information such as hotels and transport for those who may be coming in from a little farther out.

  • If you are on the fence or have questions about submitting a paper and what we are looking for, next Monday we will have a break down of our tracks and the types of papers and talks we are looking for.

  • Next Friday we will be giving a sponsorship update, announcing our gold tier sponsors and also announce the deadline for those looking to sponsor at Silver and Bronze Tier.

Overall a few very busy weeks with lots of exciting news and announcements. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 60 days.

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