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Meet the team behind BSides Cheltenham!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

This event really is for the community and by the community, so thought it would be nice to introduce the members of the Cheltenham Cyber Ecosystem who are working behind the scenes to make it possible.


Illyana is the founder of Cheltenham BSides, host of cyber events and Head of Operations and Innovation for Hub8. While day to day she focuses on the event and operation side of things, at night she hosts CTFs, community events and hones her own cyber security skills. She has a passion for bringing the excitement of cyber security to new people. Illyana founded BSides after speaking with those attending other events and realising there was a real need for a technical event in Cheltenham and thus BSides started anew. She leads the project having a hand in all aspects of the planning and is getting exceptionally good at herding cats.



Chris is a Senior Software Engineer at Synack. Chris has worked in the Cyber Security industry for eight years, spanning multiple verticals. While not working, he helps run a monthly CTF in Cheltenham. His main passion for Cyber Security is lowering the barrier to entry to help grow an inclusive Cyber Security industry with skilled individuals. Chris joined the core group of BSides Cheltenham to help keep the event more technical and less sales-focused. Also, fostering a much needed Cyber Security event for the technical minds of Cheltenham. He leads the committee dedicated to paper selection and helping organise the speakers, and helping with anything else that comes up.



Charlie is a Cybersecurity Analyst for Microsoft, protecting the Azure platform from attack, abuse and fraud. He has a keen interest in information security, threat intelligence and cyber defence. In his spare time, he drinks coffee, messes around with tech, and builds random things on the internet - and sometimes in the offline world.

Charlie is co-ordinating Volunteers for the conference, as well as anything else that comes up!



Tamzin is currently in a higher apprenticeship delivered by the University of Gloucestershire, and her employer Cyber Security Associates. The apprenticeship is a Level 6 Cyber Security degree, and it has been a great opportunity to for involvement in the wider tech community whilst pursuing both education and full time employment as a Junior SOC Analyst.

Tamzin joined the Bsides group to help expand her knowledge of business administration and what goes on behind the scenes of the leading cyber networking events in Gloucestershire. Events like these kickstart careers, and are an integral part of building a diverse and confident community that together can build a stronger, more secure digital world.


We all look forward to welcoming you to BSides Cheltenham.

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