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Introducing our sponsors

I am so happy to finally be able to announce all of our sponsors. We have an amazing set of companies supporting our event and who have had the most patience with me as for me this is personally one of the most marketing heavy events I have ever done, which means there have been a lot of learns. Before this I thought I was a very organised person, this might have proven other wise.

Without further ado I would like to personally announce our sponsors for BSides Cheltenham 2022, without them this event would not be possible.

Gold Tier

Microsoft logo

The Microsoft Security Response Center is thrilled to meet and grow our defender community at BSides Cheltenham in just a few days. We couldn’t do it without the security researchers and enthusiasts working to protect customers and the broader ecosystem. It’s an honor to be a part of BSides Cheltenham and hope to see you there!

Synack Red Team Logo

Synack’s premier on-demand security testing platform harnesses a talented, vetted community of security researchers and smart technology to deliver continuous penetration testing and vulnerability management, with actionable results. We are committed to making the world more secure by closing the cybersecurity skills gap, giving organizations on-demand access to the most-trusted security researchers in the world.

BAE Systems Logo

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence is home to 4,800 digital, cyber and intelligence experts. We work collaboratively across 16 countries to collect, connect and understand complex data, so that governments, nation states, armed forces and commercial businesses can unlock digital advantage in the most demanding environments. Launched in 2022, Digital Intelligence is part of BAE Systems, and has a rich heritage in helping to defend nations and businesses around the world from advanced threats.


Recording Partner

Raytheon UK is delighted to be sponsoring BSides Cheltenham which is drawing attention to the vitally important area of cyber security. The ability to defend our critical systems and infrastructure grows ever more important by the day but so too does the threat. At Raytheon UK you’ll work on projects with a purpose and make a real world impact to cyber security. Join us and help keep Britain safe.


Silver Tier

North Green Security is a leading cyber security training and consultancy on a mission to provide a more secure future. Our trainers are active security consultants and hold CHECK Team Leader qualifications. This ensures that all our training courses are influenced by real world scenarios and techniques. With an extensive history in the creation and delivery of training courses aligned to NCSC, CyberScheme and Crest standards, our trainers are able to provide the highest level of quality and utilise custom built lab environments to ensure that both individuals and corporations are able to increase their knowledge and therefore reduce risk.

Cyberis logo

Cyberis is passionate about helping protect our customers’ brand, reputation and data. We're excited to be supporting BSides Cheltenham, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Red Maple Logo

Red Maple Technologies is thrilled to be sponsoring the first Cheltenham B Sides. We can’t wait to introduce the audience to our latest product FractalScan Surface. An Attack Surface Management tool designed, developed, and launched here in Cheltenham.

Security teams have long used the Elastic (ELK) Stack to extract security insights form their data. With Elastic Security, your teams can quickly find the data they need to prevent, detect, and respond to complex cyber threats at scale, minimizing risk and protecting your organization. All on a unified, open platform that's built for cloud.

A unified team of highly qualified, certified and skilled professionals working together on the same mission: to protect and defend organisations from cyber threats.


Bronze and Community Tier

iotabl logo

Iotabl is putting crowdsourced cybersecurity in the hands of the community. Iotabl is a community-driven platform that enables IoT and cybersecurity enthusiasts to contribute towards mapping the Internet of Things. Via the platform, users can collaborate on IoT projects with other cybersecurity enthusiasts to improve their network and knowledge.

hub8 logo

Hub8 is a unique coworking and innovation space in Cheltenham, offering not just a desk to work at, but a flourishing ecosystem focused on the cyber-tech, digital, and creative sectors. Hub8’s focus is our community and creating the ideal platform for collaboration between academia, government, and companies from start-ups to global corporations to enable growth.

The primary aim for CyNam (Cyber Cheltenham) is to help create the conditions for local cyber technology innovation. We provide the capability, community and culture to help set small companies on the path towards becoming ‘unicorns’. We see CyNam as orchestrators – bringing together pioneering start-ups with investment, industry and government for wealth creation in the Gloucestershire


Hope to see you all in just a few days. Make sure to talk to our sponsors who will be there on the day.

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